Our Mission

The organisation's mission is to provide:

practical support to rural communities

eliminate poverty and its causes.

promote music, arts and culture, use it as a tool to bridge the gaps between cultures and empower the community socially and economically.

children of rural communities with a structured learning environment, and rebuild their schools with better infrastructures and technologies

assistance to HIV/AIDS victims and promote the awareness in rural communities.


Our Founder/President - Uche Ozoh

As the President/Founder of Humanitarian Foundation (HF), I have a profound deep compassion for humanity and that is my driving force for setting up Humanitarian Foundation, to cater for the poor and needy individuals around the globe. My ambition is to salvage as many souls as possible, rather than to amass fortunes. I believe that it is important that we all attain certain level of spiritual consciousness to enable one manifest the spiritual law of detachment from the materialistic elements of life, that way one can focus their energy to uplift and help as many of the needy people as possible.

My fundamental philosophical doctrine in life is that every one of us has what it takes to make a significant input in our society. We do not have to rely only on the government to solve all our problems. Instead, we should help the government by making our individual contributions to our communities. There are millions of innocent souls out there desperately need your help. No matter how small one can put up, it would surely make a different to life of someone out there. I believe that when two or more hands gather it would cause a change. We cannot save the world, but we can surely add to make a change. Therefore, I encourage everyone out there to join me to reach out to meet our community needs. “I shall pass through this world but once. If, therefore, there is any kindness I can show, or any good deed I can do, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”


Vice President - Doralice Rice

Doralice Rice has multi-cultural background, German and French, with extensive experience in business and projet management. After working for HP Inc. for so many years, she decides that it's about time for her to follow her passion and vision in life, which is to help make a difference in people lives. She has a strong compassion for children particularly underprivileged children. Doralice decided to give back to the community through the Humanitarian Foundation.

As the Vice President of Humanitarian Foundation she oversees many projects, ranging from developing and managing African cultural center, organizing African cultural festival, helping under privileged children in Africa to have access to a better education and more. With her multi language skills, she also teaches French.

Doralice sees a clear and bright future, but it hinges on the investment of a society that sees today's youth as the key to the future. She believes is key to invest in children earlier. No child should be compromised. We have the capacity to change the world for kids; so we need to be willing to spend more and invest in children.


PR/Marketing - Seitu Barron

Seitu Barron is the founder of EPI 54, he is a man endowed with many talents and gift, he finds it as a necessity to utilize his blessings to make changes to life of many in our motherland and around the world. As the founder of EPI 54, his mission is to combat the crisis of 1000 children per hour needlessly losing their lives to starvation, poverty, and disease due to a lack of clean drinking water and much more.

Mr. Barron's vision is in line with the mission of Humanitarian Foundation, he decides to merge with HF to continue with his pursuit of changing lives of the needy and making our community a better place for our future generations.