Humanitarian Foundation (HF)is a non-profit organization, under U.S. 501 (c)(3), with the headquarters based in California. Our vision is to outreach to the needy children and the poor around the world, and to salvage lives of victims that have no other last resort. Approximately, 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 billion lives in extreme poverty according to UNICEF and lack even the most necessities: food, shelter, clothing and education. In Africa, India, Cambodia, Haiti, and many other parts of the world, children are dying on daily bases from starvation and malnutrition with no one to cater for their welfare. HIV/AIDS are a very serious epidemic in Africa; and it effects and kills staggering number of people on daily bases. Nature disasters have ruined so many families and communities around the world by putting them into devastating catastrophic living conditions, and that is why we reach out to meet community needs.

Our Conventions

Humanitarian Foundation hosts conventions to bring communities together. We invite many countries that are interested in working with our organization on humanity projects to join us at this year upcoming annual convention.

Although we host seminars for many countries based on their specific needs, our convention covers diversify areas on projects that we bring to the communities. It ranges from Agriculture, Financing, and Health Care to Education and Technologies, infrastructure development, job training and much more.

Been a USA based 501(C)(3)non-profit organization, we invite many companies, entrepreneurs, business leaders and other nonprofit organizations from around the country to join participate at our convention. We also invite Africans from the motherland, and from all walks of life, who are interested in serving their community or investing in their community; to come to join us to participate at this wonderful grant event

Check back to see when our next convention will be!

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