Financial Services for the Poor:

Humanitarian Foundation will set standard and accessibility to various forms of financial services that will help the poor and local people such as loans for small and large business, savings accounts, and insurance for families in developing countries. We will also concentrate in funding and support other areas such as: Cash flow to service providers, and business models that can speed growth in service supply.


Food Donations:

Humanitarian Foundation has a program designed specifically to target food donations, in order to feed the poor, hungers, homeless, and third world countries where there is starvation. Our office would like to have centers whereby food may be provided to those in need.


Health Care:

One of our major focuses is also on health care. Humanitarian Foundation will build and develop health care facilities that will be able to serve different communities with different needs. Some of our health care services will cover building hospitals, providing drugs to HIV/AIDS victims, and setting up group homes for the mentally retarded individuals as well as convalescent homes for the elders which can no longer care for themselves.


Research and Development:

One of our commitments is to be actively involved in various types of research and development. For example, causes, treatment, and prevention for cancer, hearth diseases, AIDS and other related diseases. We would also like to research solar energy and the most appropriate way to recycle garbage that may be used for generating electricity in less develops countries which in turn may help control of environmental pollution.


Education and Technology

Education and Technology are some of our vital focuses; we want to help bring education to the poor communities with fewer opportunities. Help builds and equips schools and provides books and computers. Build/equip their libraries, give scholarships to students with high GPA’s as this encourage others students to excel and believe in a real future in education.



Agriculture is one of the greatest resources that build a nation, we designed our program to enable us work together with individuals and communities that need help with their agriculture by encourage developing mechanized and hi-tech farming. We will as well focus on all 5 F’s: farming, food, fiber, forestry, fabric and fuel, as this will enable them to be able to industrialize their community.

Recreation Centers; and Communal infrastructures

We will set up recreation centers for some communities that are highly in need of such. It will enable the community to use it for different festive events, gatherings, shows etc. The communal infrastructures and recreation center that we will set up will comprise of an auditorium or a theater, depending on the need of the community.

We will also set up various types of events in entertainment areas (like in music, film and television) that will help the kids to explore their talents and create so that they may advance in the entertainment industry.


Shelter Services

Humanitarian Foundation has on going projects that will build shelters/homes in different communities depending on their needs. These shelters and homes will help the community by providing them subsidize housing for families that need it. This may help create different types of jobs to the community that will need skilled and unskilled workers.

Our housing and shelter projects will cover large diversified community, ranging from metropolitan big to villages in Africa, India, and third world countries. Sometimes people forget that major metropolitan cities have a major need for shelter. There are so many homeless people that do not have any place to lay their head, but with our services we can help to provide them with that and more.

We will also provide temporary emergency shelters for families, single parents, battered women, and children that we identify to be in a really need of shelter. This may help them to get back to their feet.


Job Training

Humanitarian Foundation will set up a train program for the community that will show them how these services and programs work for them. This way the community will let goes of any foreign expatriates to come and run their program for them, but rather they learn how to manage and run it, themselves, so they benefit from job opportunities.